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Want to try the Olympic/Paralympic sport of curling?

We can teach you!

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In our Learn 2 Curl clinics, the focus is on learning the game while having fun! 

Curling is a a sport you can play for a lifetime, where children, parents and grandparents can play together.  It's also a wonderful way to meet people and make friends around the world.  We have great instructors who will help you get started on a lifetime of fun and fitness while developing an ever-widening community of curling friends!

Curling has something for everyone.  Our clinics teach all deliveries (slide, stick and wheelchair).  If you have knee or hip joint problems, then the stick delivery is for you!  If you are in a wheelchair, you can still curl! 

We offer Learn 2 Curl clinics for both for adults and juniors at various times during the curling season so we should have one that will work for you.

After one easy lesson, you'll be ready for the 4 week Try It! League, where you can try out your new skills in real game situations. 

You will find information and links to the clinics currently on the schedule at the bottom of this page.

We teach the traditional slide delivery.

Delivering a curling stone
sliding to deliver the stone
In the hack
getting set in the hack


We teach the adaptive technique of Stick delivery.

  Stick Curling delivery

If you can can stand and walk on the ice but would have difficulty getting down into the hack, we can teach you the “Stick” (or standing) delivery.

The stick delivery is taught alongside the sliding delivery during our clinics, as the rules for using the stick delivery in a game have much in common with the sliding delivery rules.  Occasionally we offer "Stick" only clinics.










We also teach Wheelchair curling. 

Wheelchair curling delivery


Wheelchair curling has unique rules for delivering the stone and playing the game.  So we can better teach the unique aspects of wheelchair curling, wheelchair clinics are taught by an experienced wheelchair curler in a small group.








Fall clinics are in September and October.  These are scheduled to allow participation in our short Try It! League in October, before the start of our regular leagues in late October/early November. 

Spring clinics are scheduled January to March, as our schedule allows, leading into another short Try It! League in April. 

A Learn 2 Curl clinic takes about an hour and, if time allows, includes an "end" of game situation practice ("ends" are similar to a baseball inning).  We provide all the equipment needed during the clinic.

Space on the ice is limited, so we ask that you preregister to minimize your wait time. Preregistering is required for wheelchair instruction.

Cost is $10/person for adults.  Children ages 12 - 17 are free.  Pay at the door.


Get signed up today for our fall 2017 Learn 2 Curl clinics: 

1.  October 2017 evening clinics (adults and high school age juniors).

  • October 3 (Tues.), 6 – 9 pm 
  • October 4 (Wed.), 6 – 9 pm 

Each clinic has 2 sessions:  6 - 7:30p & 7:30 - 9p.  Select your time when you register.  Go here for registration link (bottom of the page).

2. October 2017 weekend clinics (adults and juniors ages 12 and up). 

  • October 8 (Sun.), 1 - 4 pm
  • October 21 (Sat.), 1 - 4 pm 

Each clinic has 2 sessions:  1 - 2:30pm & 2:30-4pm.   Select your time when you register.  Go here for registration link (bottom of page).  


What to bring & what to wear:  Good curling ice is clean.  Bring a clean pair of athletic or other flat bottom shoes (preferably ones you've worn indoors only) as dirt, grit and salt are death to curling ice!  No shoes with heels or slick leather soles.  Dress to be warm on the ice.  The ice house is about 40 degrees.  We recommend wearing layers that allow flexibility (not jeans!) and bringing light weight gloves and hats.  Wheelchair curlers, go here for additional information to prepare for a Learn 2 Curl clinic.

Age and Physical limitations advisory:  Curling stones are pushed, not lifted in all delivery methods.  Curlers must be of an age and strength to handle the 42 pound stones.  Families are encouraged to learn together but children younger than 12 are most often too small to manage the stones effectively. 

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